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Tire Help For Racing.

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I'm going to race for the first time in September and have never ridden race tires. I'm looking at the Michelin Power Ones because it's the only non-Pirelli 180's I can find. I'm staying with them because besides having my brakes, suspension, gearing and tire choice changed, I want SOMETHING to stay consistent. Are there any other options? I'm a HUGE fan of Dunlop, but they don't have any 180's I can find and as much as I love my Q2's, am not racing on them.

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Well, you said you want a 180 but the 190 GPA Dunlop is a fantastic tire - and obviously the AMA Sportbike/Supersport class tire. I've used Q2's and really like them - track and street. I'm currently using the 190/60 GPA on my ZX-6R (track only) and, again, it's fantastic. Not trying to sabotage your search but I think the Dunlop is worth a try.

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Jason, You need to not get wrapped up in the sizing issue. Dunlop calls thier race tire a 190. simple as that. Becasue other companies make a 180 does not make them right or wrong, its just the size they wanted to call it.


Honestly you need to call me so I can help your out.


Everyone in the AMA and all club racers across the USA using Dunlop use the 190 with no issues. Track records and championships speak for themself.

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