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Suspension Settings

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my freind owns a cbrf4i 600 which I once owned for 3 months. It was a nice bike but I think the previous owner didn't know

jack$&@# I knew this from the scratched side and ownly 1000 miles being sold for $4000. The problem I had and still continues the rear shock settings had been tampered with. You can easily push the rear end down and if someone sits on the back it feels like it's doing a wheelie. As for wheelies when you try to lift the bike it takes alot and you can feel the bike sink when you get it up. The little dot that I notice in stock settings is that their lined up. It's about 1/2" to the left of the other dot. Is this fixable just by setting it back to the spot or by the way it sounds on how squishy it feels should he just take it to the shop to get adjusted.

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