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Single School Days At Laguna Seca In '14?

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Good morning! Wondering if there is a possibility of having the back-to-back single days at Laguna? Reason I ask is I've taken Lv1 & 2 at Infineon/Sonoma/Sears Point early last year and need to come back to further my training. I did both single days and used the school S1kRR and had an awesome experience. Learned a metric ton which immediately enhanced my riding once our MN track riding season kicked off.


This season I've finally started to gel back with my bike after an off @ BIR last Aug, and actually got my CRA race license on the same bike....which I still street as well.


With the 2 & 3day camps, I know you must use the school bikes. I'm wondering if the possibility is there for the school to offer single dates at Laguna Seca. I obviously REALLY would like to get the opportunity to ride that track...no matter what bike. But, the main reason is with Lv3 focusing more on BP, and Lv4 being more of a custom tuned training program, I'd like to imagine I'd make greater strides towards grasping and properly executing the material on the bike that I'm on all the time. Especially if the coaches see I'm doing something out of sorts. Great if I'm on the school bike and they catch and correct it, but I can't have Gerry at every trackday or race weekend helping to sort out my mess of riding on my own bike once I'm away from CSS, lol.


And yes, I've gotten the "just get a bike that's easier to ride" speeches, lol.




Making forward progress with what I have is more satisfying for me. :-)


Thanks for any input!



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A - I think too many people put the concept of the comfort of riding your own bike too high. They want to work on skills and those same drills are the same regardless of which bike you are on. It doesn't become relevant until you are talking race times and want to get better on the bike that you might be racing on in an upcoming event or something. If you are making metric ton improvements it doesn't matter what you are riding.


B) almost zero chance at Laguna. Laguna has strict sound limits. They don't want to bother with students coming with their own bikes what if you get black flagged and then couldn't ride your bike and take the class's ? You willing to forfeit your tuition ? You might but it gets to be a touchy situation. They don't want to be Iin that situation and i dont blame them. so the Laguna days are all controlled on their bikes. And even then they request that you short shift between turn 5 and turn 6.



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