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Had First Trackday...observations, Questions, Etc.


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Yesterday was my first trackday. It was on the AMA track at California Speedway, and I participated in the novice school as offered by Fasttrack Riders, the organizer. Overall I thought it was very well done, the instructors were helpful, and I learned a lot about my abilities improved them, and was able to explore those abilities well beyond what I was ever able to do in the past.


During the day, I worked on and improved looking through the turns and quickening my steering inputs. I still have work to do on both, but made good progress there. My biggest area to work on is relaxing my upper body and my grip on the bars, along with body positioning. I have lower back problems and the only way I was typically able to not use the bars to support my upper body weight was to rest my chest on the tank to a certain extent and consciously try to raise my elbows. I seem to recall a comment in one of the TOTW books where Keith discovered after riding while supporting his weight on the tank for some time that it was adversely affecting the handling. I wasn't able to shift my weight and try to hang off without really upsetting the bike.


I need to work on breaking through some barriers, to be sure. On many of the corners I would know I could carry more speed, but ever time I arrived at the corner, what do you know, but I was going the same speed as before. This with noting in my head the previous lap and thinking about it leading up to the corner.


In the end, I can't wait to get back on track again and keep trying to improve.

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