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This has always been in the back of my gourd; If I have a better understanding of scientology and Mr. Hubbard's body of work will it help me to better understand some of Mr. Code's writings?


Here is where I am at; I have read and reread TOTW several times. Have completed Level 1 when CSS was last at R. America. I have started racing in CCS again as an amateur. At this point I am on an indefinite lay off from work, so I have additional time to read. However, I am finding that Keith's new writings are not flowing for me, as a reader, like TOTW I did. I am interested in Dianetics and have picked it up from the library. Perhaps I am resting on these minimal accomplishments on the track? I do not want to get caught in the past and would like to continue moving forward in racing and teaching. Does this make sense to some instructors or students who have recently discovered scientology? TIA,


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Guest DeskJockey



This is a great question. I have been involved with Scientology for a long time and use it in my daily life. Mr. Hubbard did a great job at looking into what really causes problems in life and came up with effective and applicable tools to handle them. There are many courses which can help in different areas of life but they all truly bring you up to a higher state of control in all areas of life. Becuase of having these tools available, they help you win in life and isn't that what we all want? He developed a study technology so a student can apply it in his studies to fully understand what he's learning and really learn it. There are communication courses which clearly explain how communication works (this is something people think they know but there is a lot more data) and drills to do so you remain comfortable in any situation and able to get you communication to someone and understood properly. There are so many other great things about Scientology that I would say if you really want to find out more, go look for your self at a local church and see what they have to offer. Maybe a course will appeal to you and you can see what I'm talking about.






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