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"racing Is Dangerous"

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I ran across this article in my Facebook feed and figured it would be interesting for some others who frequent the forums here.




The author is responding to the call to ban racing after a few spectacular crashes. It's a very interesting read.

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One of the things I really admire about many of the IOMTT riders is how some of them fully admit the slight sense of dread they have before going out on the course. At those speeds on that strip of pavement almost anything can happen. The insanity that they display on the course is actually highly controlled sanity. They are fully aware of the risks they are taking before they head out.


I could only imagine how alive one would feel traveling 200 mph down a regular road with houses, stone walls and spectators only a few feet away. Just watching on Youtube makes all the hair on the back of my neck stand up. One of these days I should head to the island to watch the bikes scream past and get my ear drums properly shattered. :)

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How horrible that it was Simon Andrews who died.I knew him, in a manner of speaking.He was featured in this very interesting documentary series.You can see him recovering from the serious injury he had earlier, as well as his struggles getting fit and during the endurance races.He crashed in the IOM TT also.


I do hope you can take the time to watch this superb series.



There are 8 parts i think.Also featured are Cameron Donald and John McGuinness.

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