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I Finally Did It


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I FINALLY did it...


Background. I've been running Blackhawk Farms since 2000, and since it's been re-paved, the fastest laptime I have been able to run is a 1:15.01. I've run like 6 of them in the last 2.5 years, and consistently run 15's in races, but have been stuck at the 15.01 barrier.


This last weekend, I broke into the 14's, running a 14.3. When I ran that lap, I could have easily ripped another second off the laps, but setup issues were limiting my traction. I can see 13's now, and will run them my next weekend out.


As I've always said, the fastest laps I run are also the easiest laps. This is when (as Keith wrote) I am thinking WITH the controls, not ABOUT the controls. Everything flows. I could see literally 20 spots per lap where I could go so much faster.


I concentrated on slowing my breathing, relaxing myself, and began singing goofy spongebob songs into my helmet. Each corner was more perfect than the last. Every last drill I've learned in Level I & II came into perfect play. The feeling of those laps were what every racer/rider strives for, but few achieve...


Up until the last few weekends, expert races could be won at BHF with consistent low 13's and some 12's. It's lowered down into the 11's and touch a 10 range now. I'm not sure how low I can go, but I'm no longer behind that invisible laptimer barrier of 1:15.01.


Subsequently, I got VERY greedy, controlling and agressive in a later race (with a completely different setup) which yielded poor results (read 15's again). However, I KNOW what it takes and will be there...


Full race report pending.

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