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Canopies At Barber?

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Figured I would ask here and see what I could find out.


I'm wondering if there would be any objection to me setting up a canopy at the edge of hot pit where the student bikes are kept? I'm a friendly neighbor and anybody who wanted could park under there as long as there's space for my bike. Would this be ok or would I cause potential inconvenience? If I set one up it would be safely weighted so that it would not get blown around.



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Just an update on this in case anybody else is wondering for future reference.


I did not end up setting up a canopy in the student bike area. We were lucky enough to have a nice bit of shade near the stair well and did not really "need" to put up a canopy. There was a gentleman that was running tire warmers and put up a canopy to protect his electrical cords and warmers from the rain that was brewing. He was able to leave it up all day and it did not get in the way.

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