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Making An F4i A Sport Bike

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I wanted to know if any of you have used the F4I as a basis for a track day/club race bike. I have an 02 with about 16k miles on it. It is almost stock, just a two bros high mount slip on and a double bubble wind screen. I really love my bike, but as the miles stack up (most are all canyon miles) everything starts to ware. When pushed really hard you can tell the suspention is not up as it once was. The breaks are not as good as they can be (getting steal lines today :D ) but everything I notice would almost be undetectable by the average rider. My delema is.....should I sell this bike (its in showroom condition) while I can still get my $ out of it, or would I be wise to keep it and as things get too warn replace them? I want to start going out to track days, and if my lap time are ok start racing. I don't make that much $ so to race would mean big sacrafices on the home front.


If any of you have used an F4I for a track bike I would like to know the changes you made, and how much you needed to spend. Also I would like to know how much time these upgrades saved on your laps. Thanks

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I raced F4's from 99 through 02. They were a stable and incredibly reliable bike, but not the lightest or most powerful thing out there.


You'll get your butt handed to you by a new R6, RR, ZX or GSXR, but nonetheless, the F4i is a decent bike without sinking a ton of coin into a new bike to race...

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