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Back When We Were Noobs!


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I ended up seeing this video on Facebook with a bunch of people making fun of the rider and remembered the first time I was on a track.



Lots of horror to be seen in the video but give the guy a break. At least he's trying. We have all been there either on a track or stalling a motorcycle repeatedly in a driveway somewhere.


I figured it would be a fun topic for us to share stories and photos of our "first time" on the track.


I'll start.


The first time I ever stepped foot on a track was in 2012 at the California Superbike School being held at Barber Motorsports Park. I was THE slowest bike on the track. I started riding in 2010 and probably had a year or so on a Sport bike before taking Level 1. I got assigned bike #21 and it was the first time I had ever been on a 1L motorcycle. I was pretty terrified. The bike's reputation was intimidating as was the sheer difference in rider skill I saw. The coaches tuned into this pretty quickly and provided me some amazing support and I made massive improvements by the end of the day. The photographer immortalized my noobness and I bought the photos. A photo of me in the hairpin at Barber straight up and down (I was afraid to hang off) and so slow you can count all the spokes on the wheels.




Since that first day I have taken Level 4 three times. I even ended up buying one of those bikes that scared me so much the first time I sat on it. I'm still not the fastest guy out on the track and probably never will be. I can however tell you that I'm probably having the most fun. Learning about myself and how to ride has been a fantastic journey.


Are you brave enough to share your terrible photos? :)

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LOL Poor guy. He's freaking gunning it on the straights though. Was he mad at the first guy passing him because he passed him on the inside?


What's tripping me out is how he's still keeping up with those guys; he keeps coming up on them just before the corners. Is there a speed limit or something?


No embarrassing photos or videos of me, but this past week I tipped my bike over standing still on a banked turn lol... It was pretty embarrassing.


no significant damage, but I broke my right side mirror, bent my rear brake lever, and got a little scratch on my clutch case.


Bruised my ego pretty good though.

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Ha ha....what's with the foot off the peg thing? Is he trying to dangle a leg like the MotoGP guys, or was he going for a supermoto kind of style?


BTW, you guys all suck. I was awesome from day 1. :D


Okay, maybe not. I'l see if I can find the old youtube video....

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I am not the camera bike in this vid. I am the lead bike on camera from 8:20 to 9:30 (yellow tail). Basically holding up intermediate group. At one point (8:40) someone who probably belonged in expert passes the two bikes behind me under braking, then passes me on the *outside* exiting a tight corner. Nearly pooped my pants.


I wouldn't say that my riding totally stinks in this video, but it was definitely in my "not trusting the tires yet" stage, having never yet come close to grounding a knee puck.



There are some even older, more embarrassing videos of me out there somewhere, but I am not that motivated to find them...


Edit: Okay, here is an even worse one. Watch from 3:20 to 4:45. Stiff on the bars much? And check out the awesome quick turn.


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Those videos were both taken the season before I finally found this forum and TOTWII and starting learning how to ride properly. I can't believe how much my riding has changed over three seasons. In that time I went from holding people up in intermediate group at track days to being a credible threat to podium in my local race series. I had one day of actual on-track instruction in there, but the folks on this forum get 90% of the credit for my improvement.

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