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G'day guys and girls


Justin here, from Australia. Recently completed L1 & 2 of CSS (Australia) at Sydney's Eastern Creek circuit. Great experience, learned a hell of a lot. Dylan Code took our off-track classroom sessions and I thought he was excellent. Am booked for next level at Phillip Island in April, which I'm really looking forward to.


Have been back on bikes for less than a year after an extended break from it (years). Still have a lot to learn. Funnily enough, after doing the schools, I now know what it feels like for sportspeople who talk about getting their techniques changed by their coaches - my riding seems to have taken a dip into clunky land whilst I try and put the various techniques into practice and bed them in. Hopefully things will smooth out over time. Anyway, probably not a new story.


Looking forward to learning a bit more on here. Stay safe.



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Welcome to the forums. Lots of great info here from coaches and students.


As for the clunky stuff. Been there myself. Still working through some of the minor details. One day (probably soon) you will look back and be amazed at the progress you have made. Once you stitch all those little things together amazing things start to happen.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of riding for me is the knowledge that I'll probably never completely "master" any of the techniques of riding. They are all a work in progress in refinement with lots of room for improvement along the way. When it comes to improvement the sky is the limit even for the professionals.

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Trust me. You aren't the only person overthinking things. That's one of my "problems" as well.


There is an advantage to overthinking. I find it allows me to better observe what I'm doing and that helps me better understand some of the small mistakes I have made. In Keith's books he talks about being able to observe as you ride to be able to improve. In his books he also talks about working on one thing at a time to improve those areas. You probably noticed that many of the schools drills take one element of riding and focus on it.


It sounds to me that you are well on your way to becoming a better rider already. If you have questions about stuff be sure to bring it up here in the forums. I can't tell you the amount of help I have received here in the forums just by asking a few questions.

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