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Since I'm a novice in racing, this may be silly question, but:


Besides a rear wheel slide the grab causing a high side, is it also possible to high side by forcing a turn transition too abruptly?


By this I mean, I'm in a left hand turn passing someone on the outside. It's the sweeper turn 8-9 at Jennings. I figure, going 88ft/sec. you only have a few seconds to finish the pass and position for turn 9. In countersteering from a left turn (8) to a right turn (9), if one were to force the bike too abruptly, is the combination of the bike snapping up and the rider transitioning his body weight/position enough to throw the rider?


Just a thought I'm searching for an answer to.


Thanks for your help.

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Personally I'd say no. I don't think it would be possible to transition so fast that it would throw the rider.


Watch a video on how new riders turn/transition and you'll see how god-awful slow it is. Then watch a club racer, a little faster. Then watch Rossi or another MotoGP champion. Still faster, but nowhere near fast enough to eject the rider.

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