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Abs Vs Non-Abs Parts

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I am looking for some aftermarket parts for my bike and I am coming across a limited selection because my bike has ABS. Is there that much different between an ABS and non-ABS system. Specifically I was looking at Sato rearsets but it said it was for the non-ABS version. Would it hurt anything if I put it on my bike.

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That's really hard to say without specifics. When it comes to rearsets many of them have a master cylinder that mounts to them. The ABS and non ABS version of the bike might have a different master cylinder and different mounting. If you can locate a non ABS version of your bike for comparison you could check and see directly.

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Just for reference it is a 2013 Ninja 650 with ABS. I'll make a trip to my dealer and see what they think. I did buy a service manual and nothing looks different from that.

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