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Is Body-Steering Ever Effective?


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I'm writing a paper on counter-steering, so I'm reading a ton and watching video (mostly for the misconceptions of counter-steering) on it. It's mentioned repetitively that once in a corner you can make adjustments with your body. I thought this was incorrect. I know weighing the pegs can help make the tire oversteer for riders to manage the bike through the corners faster (Rabat can be seen to have his outside foot off the pegs quite often in order to get the rear tire loose).


An ex-professional racer with a book in publication says you can make "fine course corrections" mid-corner with body position. I thought an effective statement would be "what happens with the bike straight up and down is true while leaned over." This would mean you could cause the bike to "veer," but not steer.


Shifting body weight doesn't seem like it would help steer the bike though. I know being off the throttle, or not on the throttle enough, makes the bike tighten it's cornering, and this could cause the misconception.


It's not explained definitively anywhere (except possibly in TOTW where it states something along the lines that the only way to make an effective change of direction is through counter-steering).



Any help would be appreciated.

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