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Graves Spec 04 R1 Ohlins

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:ph34r: hi there new to the forum

just got this shock for my 04 r1.. was hoping some of you guys could help me with the setup? use the bike on the road drive quite aggressivly no track days..the front has been revalved with a 20mm kit and the graves spec ohils on the rear, I`ve set the rear static sag to 12mm... and the front to 25mm (sag set with no rider on board) what i was looking for was settings for the rear compression high and low speed also the rebound roads are quite bumby with us and i`m not going any faster than when i had the standard shocker on? any advice would be greatly appreciated.. oh I weigh 80 kg with gear on ;)

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I reckon that you sag settings are too tight to start with. And they are not 'static' sag settings either...


I've always set the static sag with me on board - you need 2-3 helpers here. Set the preload to about 30mm front and rear. Use a cable tie on the front forks to show the maximum compression - with you on the bike, in your leathers going 'brum brum'. Then get off the bike, get a couple of mates to lift the bike so that the front wheel comes off the ground. Measure the distance between the oil seal and the cable tie. Set to about 30mm by using the preload adjustment.


Do the same procedure with the rear shock. Make a cross with insulation tape directly above the rear spindle. Do the brum brum thing and measure the distance between the top of the spindle and the cross. On and off the bike should be again, 30mm


Why? Because if you have to set the sag with your weight included otherwise the suspension won't have the travel and the tyres will start to do the suspensions job. Not good. When they have run out of ability it will feel all bouncy. Which is why it all feels bumpy.


Compression and rebound are for the rate of movement and this is all down to how you like it to feel. Try winding the settings all the way out and going for a ride. The wind them all the way in and do it again. One will feel like wading through custard and the other will feel like stiletto's on metal plate. Don't ask me how I know, I just do!


Get at it



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