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Portable Data Logger/portable Tuner

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Hi guys,


I have a question about the portable computer interface that can be use with the s1000rr bike. I know that there's a usb data logger that connect to the bike, but I wonder if there is any third party portable computer tuner that is compatible with bmw or most sport bikes?

This would be use to manually remove the warnings or the electrical notification on the bike. Thanks!



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In the aftermarket there's the GS911 but it's more of a service tool for resetting service indicators and doing other service tasks.




As for tuning there's a HUGE market of companies that offer various aftermarket tunes for the BMW's. I won't even go into those. Keep in mind though not all of them tune the TC and ABS settings on the bike. Increasing the power output without adjusting the TC will either have the bike fighting itself or you on your own with no TC. Neither of those seem optimal to me. The BMW S1000RR forums are loaded with information on these aftermarket providers.


I have the BMW Datalogger for both of my bikes and the Race Calibration KIt on one of them. I so far have resisted the urge to tinker as someone before me did better tinkering than I did so I have not even loaded the software for the Calibration Kit on my computer. I have used the Datalogger extensively and am learning more and more every day about my riding as a result.


The Datalogger can tell you literally everything that you want to know on the bike from lean angle, throttle position, TC intervention, brake pressure you name it and there's probably a channel for it already recording. It's a bit like drinking through the fire hose at first because there is just SO MUCH information. The software is straight out of WSBK and MotoGP so there's a bit of a learning curve. It's worth every penny in my opinion.


The Race Calibration kit gives you an amazing amount of control over the bike. You can tune literally any parameter you want to an amazing level of granularity. Want the TC to leave you alone on the exit of a corner in 3rd gear at X rpm? You can do it. It's a "nerd knob" extravaganza. The Race Calibration Kit does require the Race ECU which transforms the bike completely. TC and ABS settings as well as power delivery are oriented for track use rather than rider safety.


Here's a video that has information on the Datalogger, Race ECU and Race Calibration kit for the S1000RR.


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No problem. Let us know if you have any other questions.


BTW welcome to the forum! Tons of other useful information around here contributed by students and coaches of the school.

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