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1 Confused Student

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hi guys

just got confused after talking to someone yesterday


he claims css levels are not 1 day they but 2

i am booked in for level 1 for a day

is it true to complete level 1 i need to attand 2 days the school.


and end of the day do we pass something i want to take level 2 as well will the school be deciding on if ia ok to go to level2 or can they advice to attent to level 1 1 more time ??/


how this works


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Each level is one day. The School offers a 2 Day camp at a number of tracks but they are only an option. You can register for two consecutive "single day" schools if you want but there is no required 2 day program. The 2 day camp is more intensive with more track time and a lower student/track coach ratio but it also costs more as a result.

As far as moving up, if you finish the day, you move up to Level 2.

Hope this helps.

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