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New Member From Northern Va

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Hi Folks,


I am new to the forum. I did my Level 1 at NJMP a few years ago and now completed level 2 at VIR this past in MAy. I figured I would stop lurking and join the fun!!

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Way to go Webberman; joined us about a year and a half ago lurking like so many do and then "Bam!" 3 posts today. Participating is what makes the Forum work; even when we have to repremand Cobie for dropping faux f-bombs. He at least posted (although some admistrators wants to talk with him in the morning)

Welcome to the active side of the Forum!


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Hey. Welcome to the forums! I have found the forums extremely helpful for those "weird questions" that pop up from time to time. Having a group of similar minded people to bounce questions off of is helpful.


BTW? The screen name Webberman? Are you the go to guy for the next cookout? :)

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