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When To Go For Level 2

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I did level one at Silverstone March this year, it all made sense although im still having problems with the 2 step, and to be honest putting all the drills together.


During racing this can somtimes go to the wall but most of it stays with me.


With the 2 step it often feels rushed, I got some advice from Andy who runs the school in the UK and that has helped.


However I would say my biggest problem is visulasation and sense of space whilst aproaching a corner.


I have done a couple of track days away from the race pace to try and sort this and the 2 step out. Is getting a lot better but I still need to practise.


My question here is really at what point to I satisfy my self that I am ready for level 2. Will level 2 help me bring it together or overwhelm me with even more drills to practise.


As I dont feel im fully happy with the level 1 drills will doing level 2 leave me in a situation where im trying to do to much !


Any thoughts ?





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You're ready now. Level II will bring Level I into sharper focus because the curriculum never loses sight of the previous Levels' training; it's been my experience that even though I have taken Level IV more than once, I still work on the two-step and the quick-flick whenever I return to School.


The other comment I would offer is to your statement "my biggest problem is visulasation and sense of space whilst approaching a corner". It's been my experience that additional training will help you deal with this more effectively because visual skills are a cornerstone of the School's Cornering philosophy and is discussed in every level. It may remain for you your biggest problem but that problem will be relative to the other skills that you will acquire; regardless, you will become more proficient at dealing with it as you advance and it won't necessarily hold you back.



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Cheers Kevin,


Great advice, will prob do level 2 start of nxt season :D


I guess I thought level one would have a greater affect on my riding and I would be able to put it all into practise easyly.


What is really annoying is that friends I race with and are quicker cant tell me there turn in point, and there lines change lap to lap.


I know once I sort out my corner entry speed the rest will fall into place :-)



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