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Cornering Jitters


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I am relatively new to motorcycling, and have been riding for about a year and a half (mostly alone). My main concern is cornering, and I have noticed a few things that are still making me nervous when I come into turn on roads I am not familiar with. I am training myself to weight the outside peg when entering turns now ( as it mentions in TOTW 2), and that seems to help a lot, however I feel my body position is still off. I find myself sitting too far forward on my bike and this makes hanging off the bike much more difficult than it should be. I feel like I am sitting too close to the tank to pull my azz off the seat when getting ready to go into the turn and this causes me to slow down much more than I would like. Any suggestions? BTW I have a 2003 gsx-r 1000.

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This may sound daft, but we usually have a positive if sometimes misplaced intention for doing something...like sitting too far forward. When your chilled out back home, say to yourself "I know part of me wants me to sit forward...will you tell me what your positive intention is?".....then just listen for a voice, or perhaps an image to flash up that should tell you why. You may need to ask a few times. Go on and thank that part of yourself for wanting to keep you safe. Then ask if it would be willing to continue to do it's thing for you (usually thinking it is keeping you safe) but in a different way.....like helping you sit bcak to get better balance etc. If the part of you still gets to keep doing what it wanted to do but in a different way, then you will usually get that parts cooperation ie lessend survival reaction and be able to do what you want.



PM if you want more info on this stuff.

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