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Bsb 2/20 [Spoiler]

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Did anyone else watch the race on Saturday. It was at Brands Hatch. There seemed to be a lot of crashes. Also two big ones that actually scared me for the riders. One was Shakey Byrne (not sure if I spelt that right). can't remember if it was him or the other rider that went full speed into a soft barrier. I have never seen a bike go into a barrier that fast.

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Did not see the race but you would be amazed how much protection a barrier provides if the physics work out right.


I watched a guy in his 60's head straight into a tire wall at 120mph. A bike he was super close to had a mechanical and suddenly lost speed and he was out of options and did not want to hit the other rider. Bodywork was ruined and so was the riders suit but he walked away with a big smile on his face.


While it often looks bad the bike is decelerating as it hits the grass and also if it goes through sand or gravel.

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