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New to the forum, and was hoping you guys could help me out with a tire question. Im not that great at the technical aspect of tires, but was hoping you might answer soemthing for me. I am currently on Pilot Powers, and have put 3 track days on them, about 120 Miles a track day. My question is, when is it I need to swap the tires out. Is 3 track day to much, or do they have more in them. Also could you gus point me in the right direction for a thorogh suspension brake down, I.E. what to adjust when you feel curtain things. I would appreciate it, because as of now I am pretty much trial and error with the suspension, and still have not figured out how this black art works :).


Thanks Alot for any info

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Hello mate


Tyres - it's all down to feel and condition. Give them a visual check. If they look good then chances are that they are good. They do go off over time but a visual check is your first place to look.


Feel them as well. Press your thumb nail into the tyre. Do this on a new tyre and then the one on your bike. If it has got considerably harder then the rubber is on the way out.


Check for tears, marbles, deformaties, tread wearing out - that kind of thing. If you've got the money you could have new tyres every day!


Next - how do they feel. If they feel all slippy then they are on the way out. Remembering how they felt when you rode the bike when you got them is always a good thing to know.


Do you feel confident? If yes - great, carry on riding. If the answer is no then ask yourself 'why'? If it's the tyres then change them.


Suspension. Either pay someone to help you set it up - any good suspension shop will help or learn how to do it yourself. There are plenty of articles on the internet about this and believe me, it's not a dark art.


Keep well



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