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Hi all, I had promised  Aliki I would post a review of the undersuit I got from her company http://vnmsportgear.com/.  A bit late but have given the product a good test in hot weather now.

Up to now, I had been using a 1-piece undersuit (described in another post here as a baby Onesie).

I purchased one of VNM Sport gear 2-piece suits.

I have found I prefer the 2-piece design much better (which surprised me).  On occasion when wearing armoured jeans (Bull-IT) with my Dainese jacket, I will wear the top only.  When wearing my 1 piece, I use top and bottom.  The top has a longer cut and silicon grip band, and does not ride up.  I am not a typical thin rider, and the size Aliki recommended fits me great. (no, I am not posting a picture of me in them, could not do that to you all).

How does it work?  Every bit as good as my old 1-piece and maybe better.  I feel much cooler and leather are easy to get on/off even after a hot days ride.

So I give the product a great thumbs up and recommend you give them a look if looking for a good 2-piece suit.

Happy Riding!

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