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((education) Awareness) Control + Plan)


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((Education) Awareness) Control + Plan) = Confidence?



Getting the right information, that you can apply into your riding.

This is where the time spent at a school day is precious. Also the "Twist Of The Wrist" materials come in very handy.



Ability to make a conscious decision to perform an action, and sample the result with understanding (both right and wrong). As well as making changes to my plan, I've also spent a lot of time making riding errors on purpose, to get an awareness of what actually happens (to both the bike and myself) as a result of that one error. Usually the result is that I pickup where I'm making this error (to some degree) in another corner, and not always a corner at the track I'm riding at the time. The time to soak in and analyse all this awareness, is at end of the session, with a pen and paper.


If your having trouble understanding the result of the change you've made, chances are, you've got a misunderstanding from the 'Education' part of the formula that needs to be cleared. Time to hit the TOTW books.


Once you have awareness of a fundamental, you have control, and if you have control, you have the ability to make changes. Its difficult to make changes to your riding when you have no concious awareness of what it is your doing, let alone the results of what your already doing.


Control + Plan

Now you need to see if you can apply this new awareness (control) to your plan for the corner, and you get the desired result. It is once that you've gained more control over your riding, that it becomes apparent what you need to work on next.




This is feeling you have (or consciousness) of your ability to get through the corner, with the planned result.


The key to this formula, is to only work on one thing at a time, with enough attention to sample the results.


Of course, none of the above is my discovery. But I do own it. Its my awareness. Whats yours?




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