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im wanting to do a superbike school at Knockhill in Scotland i can do my laps from 56secs up to the 1 minute but do not feel to comfortable at the quicker time. I ride a zx10r and have never been to a school, i do not think my riding is to bad ,but i cant seem to get consistent quick laps .

I am not a racer however i do enjoy track days and want to improve my riding skills .what level should i book up for or is this decided at an instructor level cheers



A picture to give you an idea of my level of skill

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Everybody starts at level 1.


The focus of Keith's schools are more about cornering technique than aiming for fast lap times (the latter comes as a natural by-product of the first) and these techniques are taught in a certain order (partly no doubt because it is easier to teach a set curriculum, but also because the techniques do get more advanced, and therefore more difficult, the further through the course you get).

Level 1 gives the basic grounding for the rest of the course.


Like any training school, you only get out of it what you put in, but having read his books and attended the (soon to be rebranded) Australian Superbike School I can definitely recommend Keith's methods.

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