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. . . how do you set speed correctly for corners in the real world?

Firstly, I always ride well within the bike and my own limits on the public roads. So setting my entry speed for a corner, doesn?t need to be as accurate as it needs (or what I want it to be), on a race track. I leave plenty of room for error, or unexpected changes on the public road. And its always better to have a 'too slow' entry speed, rather than a 'too fast' :blink:


As you?ve done Level 1. You?ll know what you want and need from each and every corner. Your last session of Level 1, was an introduction to the next level of the school. Level 2 sends your eyes to school. Visual skills are a cornerstone to anyone?s riding ability. These Level 2 skills are integrated into your Level 1 skills.


How do you set speed correctly for corners in the real world?

Obviously you got the hint about Level 2. Aside from that, there is the posted speed limit for the road, and usually (in Australia) there are posted recommended speed limits and warning signs for corners. As you approach a corner, you will get the feeling (visual) that you?ve ridden this type of corner before (tight hairpin, sweeper, 90 degree etc), this is early indicator of any changes you may need to make to your entry speed. Seeing skid marks on the road ahead, can be an early warning that the corner is not what it seems.


As I said, I don?t ride anywhere near my limits on the publics roads, but, I?ve been told I?m still quick and hard to keep up with, especially on roads we haven?t ridden before. I use Level 2 skills on the public road; absolutely; every corner.




Note: The only stupid question is, the one you don't ask. If you have an unanswered question about your riding, it will unnecessarily take up your attention when you don?t want it to.

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