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Hi all, so to make it official I'll lay out the history. Born Oct. 1955, and before my 15th bday, I was lucky enough to buy my first motorcycle, a 1970 DKW 125cc Enduro. So I'm celebrating 50 years of being a motorcyclist! Raced a bit of motocross in the early 70 's, and bought my "real" first street bike around 83/84. Today my daily is a 2004 DL650, and I also have a 1997 VFR750, and a 2000 R1 of which both need work to get them back on the road. I enjoy working on my bikes. I've been a rabid fan of all types of racing, but of course motorcycle (MotoGP, WSBK, AMA, etc.) racing reigns supreme. Life (raising a family) interrupted what I'm sure would have been a grander life on two wheels, if I'had just realized sooner that motorcycles are my passion. But not to wallow in regrets, I'm going to make the most of my golden years by pursuing motorcycle challenges, of which taking a CSS class is one of. I'm a bit afraid that I'll get completely hooked and will not have the time or funds to satisfy my newfound obsession! :-) My profile handle "WHR" stands for Wild Heart Racing. Something I came up with years ago with hopes of someday using it in some fashion related to my passion. My given name is Tom.

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