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Correcting Suspension Issues

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I have recently purchased a 06 YZf R1, after an update from my previous bike an 04 Fireblade (cbr 1000RR). After years of experimenting with setting up the suspension on my various sports bikes (I have to update every 2 years) I managed to get the 04 Fireblade to a point where it suited me just perfect; whether that was track or road.


Thankfully with the R1, I have managed to dial it in straight away to a position where it is very close in feeling to the Fireblade. One problem remains though; the bike tends to want to stand up while trail braking (front brake) into corners. I never had this problem on the Fireblede. I could brake with the bike leaned over and it had no impact at all on the handling of the bike; I loved it.


The question is, can you adjust this tendency out? I.e more or less of some setting? I ran Michelin Power Race on the Fireblade, everything else was standard. The R1 has the standard Dunlop 218's. I have never used the Dunlop's much so I don't really no if the tire has some input on this problem.


I tend to ride fairly hard. At Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, I could lap my standard Fireblade at around 1.45. Wayne Gardner passed me on his cbr954 doing a 1.40, so I'm certainly not his standard, but I do alright.

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In my humble experience...


It seems to me that Dunlop tends to make a rear tire that has a somewhat flatter profile than the competition. It works well coming out, but sacrifices some mid-corner effectiveness. I think your problem would be completely solved by hanging farther off the bike, or moving to a 180, or going to a different brand. A pound less pressure in the front may help as well?

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