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"An accurate orientation in space begins with two external Reference Points. We find two points or objects or areas first and this then gives us a reckoning of our own location where we become the third point of orientation. Together, that creates an accurate tracking of the direction of our progress in relation to the other two. With those three, our eyes begin to create 3D space, which in turn improves our perception of relative speed and direction of travel. Also, and importantly, our sense of time and timing switches on quite automatically. In short, RPs help us create perspective." - Keith, in his article Time, Space and Speed

"As I have seen with lots of top riders, their biggest ongoing breakthroughs come in their ability to use their visual abilities, their perception of location." - Keith, in You and Valentino Rossi

The more I learn about riding and the more time I spend on track (not nearly enough), the more I realize how fundamentally important it is to have good visual skills and a good sense of speed. I like this video clip because it illustrates that where you look has a big effect on your sense of speed and space. 

I very much look forward to running some more visual drills with CSS in 2021.

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