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Cornering With Honda Cub And Easy Rider


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I would like to know how to make an effective cornering with honda cub and easy rider. I've read the TOTW both vol 1. and vol 2 and use the technique with my sporbike.. the results were awesome. The problem occurs when i ride with my honda cub 100cc with automatic clutch(no clutch lever). If you can recall, in TOTW books THROTTLE + BRAKING are being discussed. But with the Honda cub, you can't perform the throttle + braking because whenever you blip the throttle, the bike will surely going forward. Any idea on this matters?


Now, with the easy rider.. i own Virago 535 and i know the technique that being used for the sportbike will surely the same as you ride with easy rider except the body position. I would like to know the correct way (body position) when entering the corner using easy rider.


Thanks a lot.

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