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Don't Fix What Isn't Broken? (suspension)

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Hi guys (and the off chance of a girl)


I started racing last year on my 748 but not wanting to trash the fine Italian I bought an Aprilia Mille R from 2000 (Austrian motor, so that's okay, they can't keep neutral forever ! ...) Suspension really wasn't something I worried about on the 748 because I wasn't going that fast but this year I have picked up some speed and thinking about tinkering with the suspension ... Mainly because I was tearing up my slicks, I could do half a trackday and trash the rear tire, but this was on Pirelli slicks. I then changed to Michelin and loosened the rebound a little on the rear and now I have no problem with running 5 days on the front tire and roughly about 3-4 days on the rear, it is really perfect looking.


So my question is this: why bother adjusting the suspension? If everything works out perfect, I feel the bike is performing nicely and I still have about 2cm of travel left on my front forks that I hopefully will use up on harder braking next year (I live in Denmark and the cold has forced us of the tracks).


Should I start adjusting or just leave it be?

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