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The Little And Big Things That Lower Lap Times

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I have been riding for a while and want to start racing on the track. I am not sure that since this is not about racing that has happened that it is alowed in thise article but believe me it is heavily concerned with it. Many great formula one drivers have said that when they are having a good day or "going fast" (relative to other drivers) that they do notexperience things in real time. They are downshifing, stearing, and accelrating before, in, and through the corner before they ever even get there so that when they do it has already been done and they are through the corner. Sounds weird but I think that if you concentrate on something hard enough before you do it, it makes it a lot easier. So I ask, what is the proper technique for your feet going through a corner. I see a lot of the MotoGP riders repositioning their feet so that the front part of their foot is resting on the peg. I tried this a while ago and almost got my knee down on a bike I never thought possible. This works, but do many people use it?


My second question is that when you are going into right, hand corners and you use this sometime there has to be a transition from being able to reach the brake to not. This must happen before the apex so that you can take advantage of being able to reach the ground easier. I also see that in many right hand corners the riders have a few fingers on the clutch. Could this be because they can not use the rear brake and disengage the engine slightly resulting in the same output that tapping the rear a little bit would do? If you look for this is is rare to see them fingering the clutch out of lefties.


I have been studying these things so closely because one I think a lot can be learned from someone that is better than you (at anything) and two I can't find an article that talks about the finer points.


I have attached some pictures where you can see evidence of all of this (repositioned feet, fingers on clutch, etc...)
















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