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Barber Motorsports Park - Turn 5


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I had some questions about the off-camber and slightly downhill turn five at Barber. Just to be thorough I am talking about the turn after the short straight where the spider is on the outside. So anywya, I have been to Barber I'd say at least 8 days. I love this track! Nonetheless there are some secrets to going faster there and I discovered one of them last time I was there and immediately picked up 2 second per lap. I approached turn 5 from the far right --> squared off the corner and carried increased corner speed wide out of the corner and onto the straight. Not only did I go faster but I took the long way around the corner and I also avoided those annoying bumps as you are coming back up that slight incline from turn 5 - which is pretty much a hairpin corner. Can we talk about this corner and what else I could do to improve my times there? I know a similar principal can be applied to turns 7 and 8.



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