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Hello, I am new to the Forum and I am interested in working on my cornering skills. I reside in NYC and try to ride year round. I use my bike for daily commutes to work and also for fun rides. Last year I attended a Lee Parks ARC and also completed the Lee Parks ARC Instructor Training during last summer. Up until recently, I have only ridden crusier type bikes, but now have a 2000 Honda VFR (still have my old 1994 Suzuki Intruder VS800 & 1983 GoldWing Aspencade). I have never been to a track day (or even ridden a bike on a race track). I would like to get to either the Watkins Glen or the Poconos location for some training on a real track this year. I am also curious if anyone here has gone from riding a crusier to riding a sportsbike and now has issues riding a crusier. Since I have been riding the VFR on a daily basis (approx. 2 months), I am no longer able to ride my Intruder as well as before. The problem I have is I can now feel how lousy the brakes and steering are on the Intruder when compared to a bike like the VFR which is designed more for performance and handling. I have ridden the Intruder for about 3 years daily, and now I feel weird being so low to the ground and I really do not have a lot of confindence in the bike anymore (I still think it is a goregous bike). Is this common or am I just kinda weird in this respect? My Intruder is setup with Progressive fork springs, 418 Progressive shocks, and I have Avon Venom X tires on the bike. Anyway, great site with a lot of information.

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