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Aerostich Ok Instead Of Leathers?

Guest ralph

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I see from the literature that a "good touring suit" can be worn instead of leathers. When I took level one at Pocono, I got the last suit in the largest size you had. I wasn't sure what would have happened if there was no suit in my size available.


Now I'm planning to take L2-L3 this summer and would like to make sure I have the right gear. I have an Aerostich for sport touring, and can't justify the expense of leathers for only a few days at a track. If I know I can use my Aerostich, then I can be confident that I won't have any issues at the track.


Can someone please confirm that an Aerostich is acceptable gear for the class?

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Guest Guest_Mike Isbill_*

I've seen people in Aerostich at CSS. If you don't already have it, might be good to have the knee puck velcro put on so you can run pucks. Might save you from ruining your suit, and will make it easier to just concentrate on your riding rather than worrying about scraping a relatively unprotected knee on the asphalt.

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