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Race Program Or 2 Day Camp?

Guest Brian

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I have completed levels I, II and III with great results, and big grins. At this point I would like to have a go at some club racing and thought about one of the two day options to get more one on one coaching. As they are both similar in price which would you recommend. Not as familiar with the RACE program - is this more suitable for someone with prior race experience? And do I have to complete level IV to attend the RACE program. If I chose a two day camp my assumption is that in my case I would have essentially two days of level IV activities? Thanks in advance!


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I can offer my experience from attending a few two-day camps before attending Code Race in 2004. Someone with the School can update or correct my recollections as it has been a couple of years but this is how I remember the differences.


Compared to a typical School event, the two-day camp offers more interaction with your coaches as the rider/coach ratio is lower. You will get more track time as there are typically only two groups v. the three at a regular school so you cycle on and off the track every other session.


The approach at the two-day camp is still the same with each day starting out with no brakes and gradually allowing more brakes and gear selection as the day progresses. The two-day camp is definitely a more thorough work out and your coaches see you more often so you will get more feedback. There are video reviews of your riding which is eye opening all by itself. If you have taken Level III already you know what I am talking about. Obviously, you get a more intense opportunity to improve the skills that you learned in the first three levels as Level IV is really focused on specific areas that the student identifies in their pre-school questionaire.


CodeRACE is altogether different. It is more like a race weekend with timed open practices coupled with drills that are timed by radar guns and lap top computers. Your drills are all directly related to racing and students work on the same drill at the same time so you can measure your progress against the group before you actually race. You do have a coach but the reviews you receive are more group oriented and the feedback is based more on the time results than on technique like you would receive in a school day. Each day ends with an eight lap sprint race that is a real as it gets - you are gridded based upon your best lap time in the three open practice sessions against your classmates - with the School Coaches located two rows behind the the last row of students - and yes, they do race you as well.


The question asking to compare the Two-Day Camp v. CodeRACE is to ask how much an apple is like an orange. Once you get past "round" and "fruit", they are very different.


Hope this helps



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