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Success: Instruction, Inspiration, Perspiration, And Guts

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I was watching the last AMA race of the season on television. It was a battle for two crowns; Mladin and Spies for the superbike title, and the 3 way battle between Hayden, Hacking, and Hayes for the supersport. During the red flag, the cameras would show the different pits. And there I saw them, Misti Hurst and Keith Code.


It was then that I was reminded about my personal success in riding, and what I think is the ultimate story of success. Misti decided to learn to ride motorcycles in 2000, Here at the end of 2007, she qualifies and finishes at Laguna Seca!


I am writing this in gratitude to Keith (and all of CSS) and Misti. Keith's whole program and books have helped me immensely, even on my daily commutes. Misti corrected my extremely poor riding position on the lean bike. I actually saw the result of poor body positioning during my day of instruction. The fellow was OK, but his pride was hurt. What a way to have that technique driven home.


I am about to start my first club track day at the end of October and I keep thinking about how fast I saw the instructors go on the track. But with CSS' excellent instruction and their inspiration, I am sure that I will be posting some pictures to be proud of.


Thanks again, Keith, for really making it K.I.S.S simple to learn the techniques. I hope to see you all again, soon.



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