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16.5 - Vs - 17.0 Tires


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:blink: There seems to be more emphasis of late on the size differences of the racing tires being tested at Daytona and Malaysia etc. because of rider difficulties such as delaminations, handling anamolies and 'getting-used' to a 1/2 inch difference. Other than tire profiles because of the tire diameter differences, I would like to have a better understanding of the dynamics of the two tires and their impact on the high-performance rider. Basically, what is the big deal. Probably not much for someone like me who does a track-day once in awhile, and likes just having a little fun on the roads.


Thanks alot for your time...Hommie

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Well you are asking for a very subjective answer that only a GP or Superbike could give you. I have just ridden the new 17s and they are amazing compared to the DOTs. I never rode the 16.5s but I can say Im still faster on DOTs than the slicks by about a half second and it should be the way. If I get the set-up right.

I know that doesn't answer your question but the set-up is the real deal. It's different from one to the other and at the level those guys are riding very small things become big issues fast.


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