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Lurker Coming Out Of The Closet!

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Have been lurking in the background for a while now, so thought it about time

i introduced myself, i live in Lincoln UK & past my test last March but with one

thing or another haven't been able to get much riding time in!!! Hoping that's

gonna change from this year though. Discovered this forum after i Woke up

last year on my 49th birthday & thought want to learn to ride a bike!!! & go racing!!!

(Things to do before you die, hormonal thing) Wanted to attend CSS last year

but after the cost of my DAS & buying my wonderful road bike it was a toss up

between a season racing or do the school!!! credit cards are a wonderful thing,

but only stretch so far. (trust a woman to make the wrong call).

Bought a CBR400RR which i plan on keeping forever, & a 125 pitbike to Race. www.mopedmayhem.com


My Birthday present to myself this year was a toss-up

between racing this year, a new central heating system or 2 day camp in

Almeria lvl 1 & 2 plus lvl 3 at Silverston with The CSS MMMmmm,

Not really too tough a decision me thinks, (boys watch out in 2009)

Well thats my life in a nutshell coz i didn't really start living till i found two wheels,

Pic is of the old bint in action (#10)


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