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  1. Awesome products... Thanks a lot anthem!
  2. Thanks Gregory. The website doesn't show price for me. Also using infrared beacon might not work for my use-cases too... Anyone here used GET Athena MD60 GPS Lap Timer? Any feedback? http://www.getdata.it/prodotti.php?idcategoria=36&idprodotto=35〈=eng
  3. Would like to know what equipment do you use for lap timers...? Which one do you suggest?
  4. Thank you 2old for your time and feedback. Btw, if you ride a motorcycle, you are not old Interesting observation about the hockey gloves. Do you have a brand name / photo or link for me to learn about it? Like I mentioned above, check out Knox Handroid, since it comes with a construction where backward movement would be restricted. Yes I have noted down already about the finger-bridge, which is quite helpful to safe-guard the little finger... I read somewhere that Alpinestars hold patent for finger-bridge (ring and little finger sewn together) I like the way Held Titan used stingray in important places... Held looks to be good quality too!
  5. Thank you khp for your time and feedback. Abrasion between leather and skin can be due to few reasons: - If your armor is plastic one's it might hurt your skin. - If your suit is not skin fit... in this case it rubs onto the skin, specially in a low-side slide. - Also race quality leather suits use additional foam padding inside the armor area to safe guard skin. You should also take a look at Knox Handroid gloves which comes with Knox SPS for scaphoid protection. It works like a slider and reduce wrist area fractures. I read about Held Phantom and that also have some good reviews. Most jackets and suit does not come with back armor (yea they have shape retainers). Usually this is to control the pricing. Yes, I know about hidden seam construction and having few pieces in the entire suit. Also there are some stitching techniques to make it more tear resistant. Kangaroo leather is better than cow hide in abrasion (also less weight but more expensive) but I believe there are some import restrictions on it for importing to India (still working on it).
  6. sukeshak

    Back Protectors

    Those are mostly for dirt riding than for the tracks... Awareness about riding gears are very low everywhere too...
  7. Hey Guys, My wife and me run a riding gear store in India. We currently stock several brands including international ones (Alpinestars, Knox, AGVSports, HJC, SAS-tec etc...) I'm working on manufacturing leather suits & gloves for track use and would need your help in understanding 1 piece suit & gloves, features and drawbacks of the one's you have used... I already have the manufacturer decided but wanted to make sure the best safety features are incorporated in the product. If you can answer few questions would be grateful - Have you had an injury related to spill/fall/crash from motorcycle, wearing a full leather 1 piece suit? - If so what / how / which suit? Can you explain what happened, if you don't mind? - Do you know someone who had broken any bones other than collar-bone or wrist(Scaphoid)? - Do you remove the armor in your suit and check what kind of armor it is? - How much research have you done on the armor used inside 1 piece leather suit? - Is the armor manufactured by recognized armor companies like Knox, Alpinestars, SAS-TEC etc.? Do you prefer wearing an additional Back armor or would prefer the one which is build-into the suit itself? - What kind of gloves do you use on the track? (I assume full gauntlet one's)? - Have you had any injuries to your hands during a spill/fall/crash wearing the gloves? If you can explain it would be useful. - What features do you like on your gloves, specially from safety point of view? After going through several leather suits and gloves from different manufacturers, I've noted down several safety features required... but I'm also interested to learn from people who have gone through those unfortunate incidents. Thanks in Advance!
  8. sukeshak

    Back Protectors

    Same pinch... I use Knox Aegis as well and been riding with for almost 6months+ Not tested yet though... Hans, You can get chest guard (easy attachment) separately with Knox Aegis as well. It gets attached to the straps of the Aegis very well. Hotfoot, Usual protectors have a life of 2-3years (mostly the types which are used as inserts) but like T-McKenn mentioned it would also depend up on the make and material used. Viscoelastic foam based protectors like sas-tec have a life of 10years and also it's multi-impact compliant. I replaced armor in my leathers with them and it's extremely comfortable as well. Most other armors needs a change after a fall/crash.
  9. sukeshak

    Evidence Deleted

    Thanks Eirik and Hotfoot. I have a dirt custom one I got for kids (100cc), but then realized it's too much power for a start. Shhhh... don't tell anyone, it threw me out once... PW50 & CRF50 sounds like good options, now need to figure out how to get those down here... Any ideas on approx. price in $ for both PW50 and CRF-50 there? Website says $1400 approx. but usually website shows more...
  10. sukeshak

    Evidence Deleted

    Availability is an issue, any suggestions for a bike of that size/power? I have seen KTM 50cc bikes on the site...
  11. sukeshak

    Video From India

    Some photos from the CSS January 2013 event in India... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152271410482925.622609.698647924&type=1&l=a5291cd5f1
  12. sukeshak

    Video From India

    I was happy to get Dylan as coach for Level 3 (Jan 2013). Glen was awesome too for L1&2. Waiting for another year for CSS L4... The support infrastructure for this sport in India is not mature enough yet. Also to be at the highest level, training needs to start at a very early age and parents need to be rich too... Hopefully it would change with the next generation! There are popular guys who have won championship outside of India as well... but encouragement for the sport is low... Rajini has been hard working for what he has achieved... I'm sure Dylan remembers him - https://www.facebook...ajiniKrishnan67 It was freaky to watch Rajini and Joe Roberts on the track during lunch time
  13. sukeshak

    Joe Roberts At Barber:

    Have seen him live in India during CSS (Jan 2013)... Awesome skills and pace... Will wait to see him in motoGP sometime...
  14. sukeshak

    Evidence Deleted

    Thanks Eirik. My question was more about how to start him on motorcycle than cornering. Yes I use Sena for communication so that's already covered. On a bicycle it's easy to make them sit and hold it and run behind them probably to teach them. But how do you teach them on a motorcycle. If you are not aware, in India there is no basic training programs for motorcycle riding. It's mostly someone put you on the motorcycle and told you how to change the gear... u fall n learn after that
  15. sukeshak

    The Bad Side - Lefts Or Rights?

    I have one more "possible" reasoning. Almost all the bikes come with back break on the right side, so when you stop the bike you have your left foot down on the ground. This made my preference to turn left more easily than the right. Approximately 11years back, I used a bike which had the brake/gear levers on the opposite sides (brake on the left & gear on the right). Initially it was really difficult to ride that bike since if I put my left foot down (due to the habit), I can't use the brakes. But after riding that bike for almost a month, I became more comfortable with both sides... Now I don't use my back brake mostly anyways and don't have a specific side preference anymore. The track where I have ridden the most was a right hander (my weak side) so side preferences are washed away Thought I should point out this scenario to be one of the possible reasons for the side preference.