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  1. Yes, a 2-Day Camp on Feb 11th and 12th. The slide bike is indeed available at that track!
  2. Hey Allard, nice seeing you at VIR today. Glad you're back at it!
  3. Glad you liked them! Contact Lara to grab a set of your own. lara@superbikeschool.com
  4. At NJMP we run on Thunderbolt, Having run schools on both tracks we have found Thunderbolt to be more ideal for training, more turns ect.
  5. Hey Willsportbike, Level 2 revolves around visual drills. Part of the level 2 curriculum is also to ride the lean bike which will cover body position. As a student at a 2-day camp you will have access at any and all of our off-track drills including the slide bike. In level 3 we focus on body position and a riders' relationship with the bike. See you in August!
  6. Great having you, DLHamblin. I am always stoked to see a father and son attending the school together. My Dad was the one who introduced me some years ago. I will pass this along to Ian. Cheers!
  7. You aren't restricted. Have you tried using the "Gravitar" option?
  8. First off, Welcome to the forum DLHamblin! The 2016 S1000 is indeed a bit taller than your 2015 GSX-R1000 but, not by much. The S1000 sits at 32.1 inches compared to the GSX-R at 31.9 inches. Our lowered seat reduces the seat height by about 1.5 inches. Its best to request it ahead of time. It can be requested by calling our office at (323) 224-2734 before the event or as a last resort you can request it the day of the event during registration. Looking forward to seeing you and your son in May!
  9. Hey mandarb, Welcome to the forum! I will be coaching at that event, look forward to seeing you there. VIR is one of my favorite tracks in the US.
  10. Shannon! I followed you for a few laps during the latest Code R.A.C.E program, your riding looked great! Welcome to the Forum
  11. Bashir! Hope all is well, I had fun burning laps with you at VIR!
  12. rchase, Its easy to stay dedicated while working with such an awesome group of people. The school is definitely a well oiled machine. Hope to see you at Barber!
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