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  1. I contacted Dunlop concerning my 2015 GSX-R1000 as a number of magazines recommened the 190/55x17 over the stock 190/50x17 as they said it noticeably improved the 1000's turning as well as better side grip. I expected a reply of stay with stock but they endorsed the 190/55 as an excellect choice for my GSXR. As I am just about ready for new tires I am highly considering the Dunlop Q3 with the 190/55 rear. My guess is some bikes react better to the higher profile than others.
  2. Gavitar took. Will take a better picture to use tonight. One I had here was when bike was new, has changed a lot since then. Thanks for help!
  3. You aren't restricted. Have you tried using the "Gravitar" option? Will try now!
  4. Hmm, still didn't work. Even saved Kevin's and tried and no luck. Maybe being a "newbie" I am restricted.
  5. Ok, thats a thought; will shrink it and see.
  6. Can't seem to upload an avatar for my account. I select the local picture to upload, it seems to do so but I never get it and it still does not show on my posts. Are we restricted from it or am I doing something wrong??
  7. Called and have "reserved" the lower seat for the 11th/12th!!!!
  8. Can't wait to ride the BMW at the VIR 2 day in May. Very interested in how the electronics feel. My 2015 GSX-R1000 just has 3 engine power modes, no TC, ABS. So its pretty much up to rider to handle those tasks. Wondering how noticeable (intrusive?) TC and ABS are? Guess I will find out
  9. My son and I will be at VIR May 11-12th for 2-day class. I last took the CSS in 1986 at Mid Ohio, our guest instructor was Doug Chandler. I figure what better way to celebrate 30th Anniversary then take a refresher and also bring my son since he is now into sport bikes. Question for the coaches, As I am 5' 5 1/2" tall, I was chatting with Misti Hurst (one of your taller coaches) and she mentioned if its an issue there is a lower seat option available then the stock seat on the BMW's. Just curious what the seat height is with it and how to request (does it need to be ahead of time)? I currently ride a 2015 GSX-R1000 and can flat foot on one foot completely and just have heels off with both, but I heard the BMW is a tall bike. See you in May!!!!!
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