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  1. My CBR600 is now track-only... in that case, what is the best tire choice? The D221GP-A or the new slicks?
  2. Many thanks for the tip Brad! I hadn't thought about YouTube. I didn't expect whole races to be available there (you know how militant Dorna is on MotoGP videos). I'm watching the first race on my web-enabled plasma right now. It's not HD but its much better than not seeing it! And like you said it adds all kinds of viewing options. As for Speed, I'm with you. Fox's cadre of geniuses strike again. Knobs. The part I can't quite understand is- where is Dorna in all this? Supposedly they are doing all sorts of things to the rules to make racing more exciting so people will watch, but
  3. WSBK starts this weekend! But I checked and it seems the Speed Channel is not showing WSBK this year- is that true!?
  4. I'd go back with the back & chest protectors and try it, as much as you are going to spend even if it's a good deal. It sounds like the 36 has no room already and with the other stuff underneath, it won't work. I wouldn't count on the leather stretching; there are stretch panels in suits and if that's not enough, I'd recommend going up a size. It should be comfortable when you are hunched over in the riding position. Mine is that way (US38) and standing up and walking around is pretty awkward. I do recommend using the under armour type of pants and shirt under it. One time I went for a ri
  5. I've learned some things that might be helpful. I'm 5'6" and was 155 although I'm actually trying to gain weight. Not sure where to start, so this might a be a little random. One thing was a friend loaned me a cookbook he had, "Cooking Light: Fresh Food Fast", which has really good recipes which are pretty easy to fix, taste great, and are healthy. Plus photos of every recipe. Being a guy, I like seeing the pictures because it's hard to tell what something will be like reading an ingredients list. You can find it on amazon, etc. During the week I'll have at least one meal with fish, chicken
  6. Good question! This year had a lot of things going on so I made it to the track only once this year, and only 2 1/2 sessions at that. Terrible. But those things are behind me now and I'll be able to do more next year. What I'm wanting most is better lap times. I would like to get under 1:18 at my local track, Putnam. That's my measurable goal. To get there, I need to do a number of things, working on all the skills together. I don't think I have a glaringly weak or strong area. Bike mechanical goal: I want to put a lap timer on my bike, get some Dunlop slicks, and replace my heavy,
  7. The front 125/80x17 is the same dimensions as the 120/70x17 D211GP-A, the are identical in shape, width and height. For Putnam, which is very abrasive, use a med(5436) or med+ front and the med(5436) rear. If you are doing track days, stick with that compound. There is nothing to be gained at a track day by going softer. Softer will wear out quicker and not do what you need for a trackday. Steve, I'm going to get a set of slicks like you suggested above, but I got your email the other day and read about the new 7455 and 8477 compounds. For Putnam, which is abrasive like Mid-Oh
  8. Some more anecdotal story to consider... I had a buddy that bought a size XL because he's a tall guy. We went to an AMA race and the had lots of vendors there and he found he should have been wearing a M instead. This was with an Arai, which have removable cheek pads- he was fitting the cheek pads to his face and not feeling how the rest of the helmet fit his head. I tried one on and found the same thing. We ended up with different models, but we both got thinner cheek pads (I think I went from 30mm to 20mm), so the fit over the whole head is very even. You don't want it so tight on your face
  9. Maybe doing that "no brakes" drill was useful after all
  10. Welcome to the forum! At least here you'll make new friends that will talk about motorcycles with you... you're on the right track, ha ha!
  11. This got me thinking about an article I read about Honda's ABS, I think the front and rear brake actuation is interlocking, so just using the front only applied some rear and vice versa. Does anyone know more about this, if that is true? I suppose that would come in handy in the extremely rare chance one of your levers is broken.
  12. The thing that was odd for me was I found myself using the rear brake automatically, like I looked down and almost thought "hey, look at me, I'm using the rear brake... who did that!?". I was (pleasntly) surprised that I didn't have to think about it, it was an instinct. Afterwards other guys talked about downshifting which I did not think of at all. Strange. But it was unnerving as the only time I've crashed at this track was running wide, but I was a new rider and going down the straight I looked down and my tach was at aero and the red light was on- my engine wasn't running and my mind was
  13. As a track day rider I always use the front brake. I sort of joke to friends that the rear brake is my emergency brake. So yesterday I had a track day and this was the first time I was on my bike in 6 months. It's much faster now since I've put track plastic on it So I was coming out of the last turn (right hander) on to the long straight at Putnam and some guy passes me on my right and hits me. His tail bumps the front of my bike and something shiny flies off. My bike is OK and he just keeps on going, so I resume accelerating down the track, thinking the part was something off the ba
  14. Just saw this. I test rode one a few weeks ago, looking at it for a street bike. Now that you've had it a little while, how do you like it?
  15. OK... you sound convincing! I just want to understand the compound types. But I like what you say about the performance in cool temperatures.
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