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    I love motorcycles (mostly italian), cars music and movies... I know pretty standard things for a guy right.. I am not a huge sports fan unless it has 2 wheels and goes fast... ok some formula racing is good too. I worked in the car audio business before I joined the Marine Corps, so now its just a hobbie whenever I get around to doing it.. Still in the Marine Corps and love to travel, and thankful for the opportunity that it gives me. I have devoted over 13 years of service for this great country and will continue to do so til they tell me its time to go and let someone else do the protecting... thanks for listening.. Semper Fidelis!

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  1. Keith, I do enjoy and learn from all of your article and books, and it seems to be true in many things in life. Your classes have taught me so much more and having read a lot of the material prior to them makes so much more sense. I am a hands on type person and definitely learn more when I can apply what you have actually written about and taught in person. Its not that it doesnt make senes on paper or screen, but its like a lightbulb being turned on when I apply, feel and see the differences of letting go and using the techniques taught. Its confidence building when I can acctually succeed with the drills discussed and taught. I learned much more than i expected in levels 1 and 2 at VIR recently, and will be coming back for level 3 and 4 very soon (probably at SOW very soon). I am both anxious and iterested to see how much more I can discover about my own fears and abilities. My hope is that the fog is completely lifted and the mystery is revealed for me when I return... I have many more questions to be answered and skills to perfect, but I do believe I made a huge accomplishment the last/first time I was there. I am hoping for the same level of breakthrough next time. I know I will truely benefit from it in all aspects of life. I am still grinning from ear to ear about my own personal achievements and cant wait to share that excitement and knowledge with everyone I meet and work with. I am quite sure they are tired of me talking about it but its ok I have not been this excited about riding and life in a while and it shows. It seems as though life has taken an exciting turn for the best and I am going to enjoy it as long as I can, and share my excitement with everyone. It seems to be an infectious quality, and I love it. Thanks for the confidence building tools, and thanks to all of the CSS staff. Heath Fluent
  2. I hope this addiction takes me to much better skills and thrills... cant wait for the next schoolin'!! Thanks Brother hope to see ya at the track next time around!
  3. I would just like to say... What a great week!! I spent all week NOT working, just so I could go to VIR and get school'd on how to ride. Let me tell you this was the best decission I have ever made to improve my riding ability. I just want to thank all the CSS guys and girls who do this day in and day out. My experience was like tearing down walls built from years of mistakes and misconceptions. The single most eye opening experience I have ever had, next to divorce.. oops did I say that out loud?... I would like to say that I am hooked on this for good and hope to continue training in level 3 and 4 in the very near future (finances permitting). Thanks to Adrian for all his coaching on the track... I really do appreciate it! #22 Heath Fluent
  4. Kinda new at this but for me since I have never been to the track and only ride the canyons and such, the visual skills for me is number one... one because obviously you cant always predict a corner on the streets and two well.. traffic.. I do have a tendancy to target fixate and have to force myself at times not to do that... bad habit I know but I am getting better at it.
  5. Well, sheesh, I'm glad you took a little time off to eat and sleep. Paul Only a little time.. lol
  6. Thanks for the tips and the welcome.. I really hope that I can make it at the end of this month. A friend of mine is supposed to be setting things up for us while I am in NV but still not sure yet... I just may have to play it by ear. Thanks guys, and I am sure you will be seeing me in the me in the very near future.
  7. Hi I'm Heath, I figured that I would start reading posts and learning about this site, then I stumbled on this forum for newbies, so here i am. I am living in San Diego. New to the site obviously, and have never been to the track as of yet... I am however going (hopefully if I am not deployed again) at the end of April. I have been riding on the street for about 12 years off and on, and I am looking to better my skills and get a piece of this 'track thing' that everyone keeps talking about. I am very passionate about riding and cant go a day without thinking about it much less doing it. I try to improve upon skills that I have learned, self taught (not the best method) or read about. I currently ride an 08' MV Agusta 910 Brutale (what a blast to ride), and plan on taking it to the track; so if anyone has any tips for track prep please pass on the informaition, I could use it. Thanks for listening to my babble!! 'Lucky'
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