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    First class on 3/28/09 :-)
  1. I'll be there on my ratty SV650 for level 1 on 3/28 and level 2 on 3/29 :-)
  2. I think that if you are truly focused on your riding, you won't even be thinking about your gauges. But I also think you should know what your lap times are so you can practice efficiently.
  3. Yeah I think Andy might have mentioned him before, because that phrase sounds familiar. I'm pretty ambitious myself, but I don't have the riding skill to back it up! Which is why I'm definitely all ears to the advice of experienced riders, and I'm definitely going to keep my mind focused on smoothness and control, because I know that's where the fast laps will come from. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Yep. Correct me if I'm wrong, but "go slow to go fast" just means you're riding with an emphasis on smoothness instead of on aggression, and the result of that usually equates to faster lap times with less drama. Slow in the slow and fast in the fast stuff... just a reminder that the fast corners are where you make the most time, and going balls out in the slow corners won't make as much of a difference, so you can knock it back a little bit and be more consistent but still produce quick laps by going "slow" in the slow corners.
  5. ...and I'm a speed-a-holic My favorite thing to do on the race track is just see how long I can keep the throttle pinned. I don't like going slow. My goal is just to go as fast as possible and do it consistently. Unfortunately I've had a problem with crashing. I'm good friends with a CSS coach named Andy Burnett, and he and another friend of mine felt that an intervention was needed. He gave me Cobie's number and recommended I call and talk to him about my crashes, and after doing that I felt that the school would be able to help me stop crashing and start going fast. So I'm signed up for level 1 and 2 next weekend at Streets of Willow, and hopefully the weather will kick ass and I can figure out what I'm doing wrong and fix it. I signed up on the forum as a way of getting more information about techniques and to see what kind of discussions are going on around here. Hope to see you out on the track
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