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  1. Usually on a track day I just ride laps, focusing on increasing my corner entry speed most of the time. Sometimes I will focus on body position or different lines, but only briefly. Obviously this is a very inefficient to practice, and I'm looking for some examples of more effective practice plans. So how do you guys go about your track days?
  2. I've been meaning to reply to this thread since you first posted it. I've got notes on suspension settings for different tracks... and I have also just launched a website where I chronicle my riding sessions. I don't have a riding dairy like yours Hubbard, but I might start one. For things like reference points, racing lines and laptimes, as well as notes on what areas of my riding need the most work. I don't know how much graphing the data. Unless you have it set up automatically, it seems like a lot of manual work that could be better spent just reviewing your notes.
  3. What do you think makes you a faster rider... actually racing lots of races - or practicing techniques and drills? My limited knowledge would have me favor the drills and technique practice. But would that mean that a racer who is looking to improve his positions might walk away from competition to learn more skills and return later as a better rider? Why don't we see this very often? Or do you think racing every weekend has it's advantages?
  4. Thanks, I might as well just buy both books while I'm at it. Also, what is Soft Science like? Is it worth looking into also, or does TOTW cover everything?
  5. Hey everyone, As you may have guessed, I ride dirt bikes... and have registered here to learn something about racing them. Sure the techniques are different, but I believe the fundamental concepts to racing fast on a motorcycle are the same - no matter the bike. Just riding around a track without using the brakes (which I learned from this forum) has improved my corner entry speed beyond even my own expectations. I'm really enjoying the techniques Keith teaches, and am eager to learn more. I'm planning to purchase one of his books very soon. Which one do you recommend? That's all from me for now. Look forward to talking with you all about racing. Matthew
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