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  1. Hello to everyone posting here. Whether you're on a small bike or haven't done track, this is a great forum to learn on. I've gotten a lot of my knowledge from this site, and clarification of things I've learned from some very knowledgeable people here.
  2. Hey, Chopper bill. Go to Edit Avatar Settings to add a pic that will show on the forum. Change Personal Photo is just a pic that will show on your profile.
  3. I work on my lines often, and between that, letting other riders through, passing, and working on my points, there are times adjustment is required. I'm completely comfortable doing it. Even though they're slower, there are a number of lines that can be taken through a corner, and that's part of the fun for me.
  4. Good idea. Remember the basics. Throttle control rule #1: Once the throttle is cracked on, it is rolled open evenly, smoothly, and constantly throughout the remainder of the turn. Page 7. I follow this rule consciously. I don't get over as far as I can for the most part, because I'm just there to have a good time, but when I'm going all out, I follow it to the letter. When I'm not pushing it at full lean, I can adjust the bike a lot better and increase or decrease acceleration in the middle of a turn more because of how far I'm leaned over.
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