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  1. In October of 2017, the year I posted this, I had a race ending accident at The Barber Vintage Festival. Race practice might have been an ominous sign for things to come when I nearly crashed on a team Triumph Thruxton going about 100 mph. I had been putting in some good lap times and needed about a 1/2 a second more to put in the top three. I was approaching turn 9 and 10 knowing I would need to get the bike turned quickly to carry the speed and to keep the bike off the rumble strips on the outside. I was finishing my steering input when the outside clip on snapped against the gas tank. I had
  2. I had until recently, a Go Pro camera with a mount that enabled me to turn the camera back toward me. i chose the brake and throttle side. You can see your throttle response, when you are on the brake while looking at the brake markers passing by, and your body position. You can also view track day photographs, comparing your riding style to others.
  3. I recently made a west coast swing through Willow Springs and Sonoma. The combination of sleeping in a sleeping bag and the travel across country cut down on the amount of sleep I was getting. This will be more relevant later in the story. Willow Springs is a very fast track and two of the longest corners on the track are also very demanding, turn 2 ( The Rabbit's Ear) and turn 8, the fastest turn west of the Mississippi. I was off the seat and leaned over for what seemed like forever in these turns. It may not be the case but a racing buddy told me He could not bring himself to go as fas
  4. Look at the video closely. It appears to me that the winning bike was getting better lean angle even thought the rider's posture was more upright.
  5. fossilfuel

    Moto2 Assen

    A must see...best I can remember watching.
  6. I wanted to share with you this story about a close friend who races and is a big guy. He is 6'3" and weighs 250. He was always having a problem getting his upper body down in position. He races a triumph which doesn't have the superbike or modern day body work. We were talking one day about body position and he was complaining about his arms and shoulders getting in the way of getting his head and chest in position. The position of the bars and his size were stopping him from being able to get lower. He felt that if he could change the position of the bars, He could get lower and ca
  7. All of my experience over the last ten years has been on the track. I can tell you that braking smoothly whether forcefully or not is very important. Analyzing the physics of the action can be fun but the act of braking doesn't need to be over complicated. Coming in hot and abruptly releasing the throttle to stab the brakes can produce negative inputs. I have a perfect example: I was racing at Sonoma trying to get a podium position getting as much drive between turn 6 and the very beginning of the carousel. I came over the top to the entry on the brakes so hard that I had the rear wheel up off
  8. Hello my friend. It is good to hear from you. I don't know how active I will be but I thought I would see if I could share some thoughts and tall stories I'm not full bore anymore. I been building some SV650 engines and enjoying an abbreviated schedule. I try to do at least four race weekends and a couple of track weekends a year. I'm riding better now than I ever have and that keeps me going back. I spend most of my time riding my mountain bike to stay in shape for the events I attend. I hope to see you on the forum. Cheers mate!
  9. If that doesn't merit a penalty, what does? I say no penalty if: 1.) you lose your front brake and crash into me. 2.) You blow an engine and crash into me. 3.) A third rider hits you and you crash into me 4.) You are clearly ahead in the corner and I hit your bike 5.) another rider spills fluids on the track and you crash into me 6.) You have a seizure and crash into me. 7.) You have a flat and crash into me Otherwise if I am the points leader, I am in a position to continue leading the points and you crash into me by making a mental mistake or should I
  10. I just found the post on vimeo with the video. It was 2008....time flies doesn't it.
  11. What Bike or class? The SV650 is the most fun I have ever had. The most fun class was riding an SV650 in the AHRMA Barber Vintage Festival Sounds Of Thunder 1 race last year. We had 48 on the grid. I was on the 6th row on my SV650 in an unlimited class. two wave start with over 65 bikes racing on the track at the same time. I stayed awake most of the night wondering what I would do. Should I wait for the 3 minute board and start from pit lane, line up in the back at the end of the warm up lap? I decided to take everything I had learned and trust those that had taught me. I lined up on the gri
  12. I've missed you!! Best teaching story.....hmm. I don't have a particular "teaching" story because you guys are so professional but I do have a CCS event story at Laguna Seca in 2011. There were four of us bringing our wives and girlfriends. A house was rented with an ocean view. We arrived from the airport thinking that our google maps had sent us in the wrong area. We got out of the car and checked the address on the house. We were at the correct address but we were miles from the ocean. It turns out you had to go into the master bathroom, stand on a chair and look out the corner of the only
  13. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I am an old timer from back in the day....the ZX-6 days. I've been to 12-14 CSS schools not remembering the exact number. I thought I might chime in on some of the topics and be available if you have any questions about racing or the elderly . I don't want to get into anything too technical but try to convey what I know about riding in very simple terms and share some of my riding experiences. I chatted with Cobie and talked to him about what I have been doing. I have retired to an SV650 having ridden 600's and liter bikes, twins and in line f
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