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  1. My heart goes out to the family. I was truly saddened to read of his death. Everyone who rides is part of a great family, and we have all now suffered a great loss in such an outstanding youn man.
  2. Thanks for the help, it does make sense. I think I will wait untill I can attend a school before try to get rid of that last quarter inch, too many variables on public roads. Yesterday I hit a section with a lot of tar snakes used to repair the cracks and I could feel the bike slipping over them. Throttle control and staying relaxed on the bike got me through allright. Farther along a gravel truck was dumping enough gravel to cover the roadway each time it hit a bump. I am glad I recognize the Survival Reactions now and let the bike do what it wants to stablize itself. For deep gravel I just n
  3. I am curious, thanks to this excellent fourm and Twist of the Wrist II, I have gotten my rear chicken strip down to about a quarter of an inch, but my front tire has a two inch strip. I don't ride that hard, I must maintaint the "reasonable and Prudent" speeds on public roads. I am wondering what my tires say about my riding and how I might improve?
  4. After watching Twist of the Wrist II I could see the crossed up riding position. Too far over and tight on the bike. Could all this been avoided with proper hang off? The bike would not have been as far over in the first place then.
  5. Most of my riding time is from Harley Davidsons, I thought I had developed a bad habit of counter leaning, but now I see my actions were appropriate for my speed.
  6. The no brake rule is a required part of police driver training. They have to run those old Crown Vics around the twisty track using only "stearing Breaking". This makes them concentrate on entry points and being "smooth", and smooth = speed.
  7. O.K. I think everybody is correct here, you can't lift 400 lbs. with your knee but that is not what is going on. A whole bunch of things are going on at once; throttle control, steering input and on. The knee down gives the rider a touch of stablility and enough drag to reduce speed to regain traction. Too bad we don't have 15 cams to show every little thing that is going on, the slight changes of center of garvity and center of ballance.
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