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  1. I need to adjust the suspension on my Busa. I went through this section and saw that Dave Moss has some suspension theory and tuning DVD's which are highly rated. Are there any other suspension tuning DVD's and or books for sport, hyper-sport, and sport-touring bikes I should consider? Is there a "Suspension Tuning Bible" DVD or Book?
  2. My Busa is the first bike I've needed stands for (my '08 Yamaha FJR had a center stand) so I've been doing a lot of research on them. From what I've read the Pit-Bull stands are excellent albeit a little expensive. I was also considering the Pit-Bull forward handle rear stand but that model doesn't seem to work well for the reasons you mentioned. I did come across a company called Redline Engineering who have some nice stands which have a little better price point than the Pit-Bull stands. After talking with the owner of Redline he convinced me to get a headstock stand for the front of my bike as I will end up doing fork work sometime in the future including springs, valves, seals, etc.. For my Busa the industrial rear stand is $87 and includes an extension handle, and the front headstock stand is $120. So for a little over $200 I'll be getting a rear stand and headstock stand. Here's a link to Redline for anyone who is interested. http://www.redlinestands.com/catalog/sport...arm-stands-c-87
  3. Love the Twist II DVD. Watched it for the second time yesterday. I see now why my early corner entry points were giving me such problems. I'm really working on later entry points now which has helped my cornering not to mention being able to see the apex better around blind corners on roads I've never been on before. I was also downshifting and engine braking without using the brakes at all or after my downshifts. Also working on using two fingers on the throttle while I brake and downshift. Not sure if I'm over reving the bike on downshifts but now that I'm conscious of it I can try and see how many r's I'm turning when I downshift. Can't wait until my Twist I DVD and book arrives along with my Twist II book to go along with the Twist II DVD I already have. I have a lot of respect for the Tq of my Busa so I've been working on being super smooth with the throttle especially with all the potholes and sand on Maine's roads right now. Need to get my sag and suspension setting adjusted for these horrible Maine roads ASAP. Time for a ride to practice!
  4. Thanks guys for the warm welcome! Looking forward to going through all the posts and improving my riding skills.
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Allison and I'm from Maine. Been riding a few years, mostly cruizers but have a new K9 Hayabusa. Just bought Twist of the Wrist II DVD and love it. Now I need to get Twist of the Wrist I DVD and both Twist of the Wrist books ASAP. Would love to attend one of your schools but living in Maine a trip to NJ is just out of my financial range at this point in time. If I ever can make it to one of the schools on the East coast can I use my Busa or would it be better to rent one of your bikes?
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